We plant trees

Offsetting our carbon footprint

We have recently been asked about the sustainability of our event business and have been looking into ways to achieve this by carbon offsetting.

We are committed to offsetting our carbon footprint and have partnered with Make It Wild. As we drive around the country delivering to various events we wanted to offset this so Make It Wild calculated our carbon footprint and have now planted trees on our behalf at Dacre Woodlands and more recently at Rowan Tree Farm Reserve in Derbyshire. We will continue to work with them to offset our future usage and will monitor it to see if there are other opportunities to work with them further to achieve their goals and our goals together.

The event industry is such an exciting part of our economy but we must all act to protect our planet and take steps to become far more sustainable. You can read more about Make It Wild here.

Our business is a listed partner on their website and you can view our woodland certificate here.

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